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Kickers Say Soccer 2021 Fall Season Registration CLOSED

Kickers 2021 Registration is CLOSED See you on the field!

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2nd/ 3rd Grade Girls Lime 1190229.0014419131858961
3rd/ 4th Grade Boys Red 990027.0015810131858971
4th/ 5th Grade Girls Orange 990027.0004313131858966
1st Grade Girls Pink 871021.0002815131858954
2nd/ 3rd Grade Girls Mt. Vernon 760119.001366131858952
5th and 6th Grade Boys Lime 862018.0004019131858949
5th and 6th Grade Boys Mt. Vernon 862018.0003918131858950
3rd/ 4th Grade Boys Purple 862018.0023419131858970
4th/ 5th Girls Teal 862018.0002218131858968
1st and 2nd Grade Boys Teal 850318.0003319131858938
1st and 2nd Grade Boys Purple 840416.0003822131858958
3rd/ 4th Grade Boys Orange 954015.0014538131858944
3rd/ 4th Grade Boys Teal 954015.0013526131858943
3rd/ 4th Grade Boys Lime 1055015.0014246131858962
2nd/ 3rd Grade Girls Teal 943214.0013628131858945
1st and 2nd Grade Boys Light Blue 830514.0003727131858935
4th/ 5th Girls Pink 932413.0003324131858948
4th/ 5th Grade Girls Mt. Vernon 2 932413.0002017131858967
2nd/ 3rd Grade Girls Orange 844012.0022930131858969
1st Grade Girls Lime 844012.0002126131858939
1st and 2nd Grade Boys Red 833211.0004232131858959
1st and 2nd Grade Boys Orange 833211.0002928131858937
4th/ 5th Girls Purple 834110.0003027131858947
1st Grade Girls Orange 83509.0003027131858934
1st and 2nd Grade Boys Lime 83509.0003029131858936
4th/ 5th Grade Girls Mt. Vernon 1 92439.0001922131858951
1st and 2nd Grade Boys Navy 82428.0002736131858956
4th/ 5th Grade Girls Yellow 92528.0002230131858946
5th and 6th Grade Boys Orange 82606.0003037131858964
1st Grade Girls Teal 82606.0002839131858955
5th and 6th Grade Boys Teal 82606.0001449131858965
2nd/ 3rd Grade Girls Yellow 71425.0012026131858960
2nd/ 3rd Grade Girls Pink 91714.0011636131858940
3rd/ 4th Grade Boys Light Blue 101903.0012043131858941
2nd/ 3rd Grade Girls Purple 90722.0012056131858942
3rd/ 4th Grade Boys Mt. Vernon 70700.002658131858953
1st and 2nd Grade Boys Yellow 80800.000649131858957
4th/5th Girls Lime 90900.000543131858963


GP: Games Played
W: Wins
L: Losses
T: Ties
PTS: Points
GF: Goals For
GA: Goals Against

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