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3rd/ 4th Grade Boys Red 14140042.0019114131858971
4th/ 5th Grade Girls Orange 14131039.0005918131858966
5th and 6th Grade Boys Lime 13112033.0007131131858949
4th/ 5th Girls Teal 13112033.0003927131858968
2nd/ 3rd Grade Girls Mt. Vernon 12100232.0025112131858952
2nd/ 3rd Grade Girls Lime 14102232.0025225131858961
1st and 2nd Grade Boys Teal 1290330.0005024131858938
1st Grade Girls Pink 1291229.0003618131858954
1st and 2nd Grade Boys Purple 1271425.0005427131858958
3rd/ 4th Grade Boys Lime 1476122.0015463131858962
5th and 6th Grade Boys Mt. Vernon 1174021.0005031131858950
2nd/ 3rd Grade Girls Orange 1275021.0024540131858969
3rd/ 4th Grade Boys Teal 1376021.0024738131858943
2nd/ 3rd Grade Girls Teal 1365220.0015738131858945
4th/ 5th Girls Purple 1366119.0004440131858947
4th/ 5th Girls Pink 1354419.0004934131858948
3rd/ 4th Grade Boys Orange 1266018.0025751131858944
1st and 2nd Grade Boys Lime 1266018.0004537131858936
1st and 2nd Grade Boys Red 1255217.0005540131858959
1st and 2nd Grade Boys Orange 1255217.0004342131858937
1st Grade Girls Orange 1255217.0004231131858934
1st and 2nd Grade Boys Light Blue 1243517.0004538131858935
3rd/ 4th Grade Boys Purple 1155116.0024037131858970
4th/ 5th Grade Girls Mt. Vernon 2 1446416.0002831131858967
3rd/ 4th Grade Boys Light Blue 15510015.0014154131858941
4th/ 5th Grade Girls Yellow 1347214.0003142131858946
5th and 6th Grade Boys Orange 1248012.0004554131858964
1st Grade Girls Lime 1248012.0002235131858939
1st Grade Girls Teal 1237211.0003551131858955
2nd/ 3rd Grade Girls Pink 1338211.0012241131858940
4th/ 5th Grade Girls Mt. Vernon 1 1327410.0002635131858951
1st and 2nd Grade Boys Navy 122828.0003559131858956
2nd/ 3rd Grade Girls Yellow 122828.0012748131858960
5th and 6th Grade Boys Teal 1221006.0001767131858965
1st and 2nd Grade Boys Yellow 1211103.000969131858957
2nd/ 3rd Grade Girls Purple 1201022.0022373131858942
4th/5th Girls Lime 1301211.0001463131858963
3rd/ 4th Grade Boys Mt. Vernon 1101100.0021083131858953


GP: Games Played
W: Wins
L: Losses
T: Ties
PTS: Points
GF: Goals For
GA: Goals Against

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